Yuzen Box – Summer 2014 – Subscription Box Vs. Men’s Box!


I’m happy to be able to show you another natural and organic beauty subscription box by Yuzen. Yuzen was kind enough to also send us the Men’s box so that John and I could experience Yuzen together! Both boxes are still available if you like them!
From Yuzen:
The Simplicity of Yuzen…
Our subscribers are sent a little Zen for every season. If you order in today, you will be sent our beautiful Summer box right away! Your second box will be sent in August, your third in November, and so on… Our Summer boxes will be available until July 31st — or until they sell out.

Each box has the very best eco-conscious products to nourish the body and soul. They are carefully chosen for excellence, mission and integrity and always put to the Yuzen test before we share our favorites with you! You can cancel anytime (but we don’t think you will!).

Zenfully simple. Beautifully Yuzen!

All boxes are per box.
This month’s discounts (written on the card in the box). These are NOT affiliate links. I do not benefit from the sales using these codes.

Aromaflage – 15% off at http://www.aromaflage.com using code VSO20 until 8/31/14

Hugo Naturals – 20% off at http://hugonaturals.com using code VSO20 until 8/31/14

Kerstin Florian – 20% off at http://www.kerstinflorian.com using code ZEN20 until 9/30/14

KNEIPP – 10% off at http://www.kneippus.com using code Yuzen14 until 12/31/14

MyChelle – 25% off at http://www.mychelle.com using code YUZEN25 UNTIL 2/1/15

Sen Cha Naturals – 15% off at http://www.senchanaturals.com using code YUZEN15 until 7/31/14

Shamanuti – 20% off at http://www.shamanuti.com using code yuzenlove until 8/31/14

Again, these are not my codes. They are provided on the card in the Yuzen Box to ALL subscribers.

Jen and Ted from Yuzen Box sent these boxes to me as promotional boxes. This does not influence my review in any way. My promise to both you and the companies I work with is, and always has been, complete honesty.

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