Why do my teeth bleed when I brush my teeth? – Dr. Sangeeta Honnur


Bleeding gum is the most common factor is because of it says that you are not brushing and flossing optimally there is a biofilm of plaque that is found on the teeth and that when is not removed as germs in it that germs attack the healthy issues, causes inflammation, irritates the gum and causes it to bleed. So that how you start seeing bleeding gums and this repetition of bleeding that constantly happens day in and day out and sometime it does goes between places where the bleeding this more and then less and then we see in again but the periods when is not there doesn’t mean is completely gone, so when you see the first sign of bleeding it’s very good idea to visit your dentist because the dentist really needs to check if that bleeding was like one time thing where the gums where irritated with your bristles that your brush to hard or any food that you eat got stuck in the gums there, so what the normally do is to check your mouth and see all the pockets are, the pockets and nothing but the attachment which is lost from the tooth because of the bleeding gums there so they use an instrument which is called as prop its got calculations on it and that prop is put in the pocket between the gums and the teeth, so when we see millimetres of 2 and 3 these are the readings you probably hear your dentist saying that gives a good idea about how your gums are overall and how the bone is and at what level it is. So when the areas where the dentist gets the deeper reading and more bleeding it says that the bleeding that will happen for a while has taken its toll on the bone and the kneel. So we know at that point when that gingivitis that is initial bleeding is leading to advance of periodontitis, so very good idea to consult a professional for this and follow a good moral home care even after you get a cleaning and things done having to use soft crystals when you brush making sure you use the mouthwash and flush your teeth at least once and avoid taking tobacco chewing and smoking and probably getting into the habit of taking Aspirin and rufin only when recommended by dentist.