Whitening teeth – Whiten Your Teeth At Home With LED Kit


Actors, models, and other celebrities usually sport stunning smiles. Their gleaming teeth may inspire the average consumer to try for a similarly white smile. Among the many tooth whitening options are LED tooth whitening kits,, which mimic the technology used in many dentists’ offices. These kits allow users to whiten their teeth at home with treatments that fit their busy schedule.

Understand LED Tooth Whitening Kits

When men or women begin to worry about the color of their teeth, they should consider all the available options, including LED whitening kits.. These kits are easy to use at home, and they come in a few different price points depending on the brand and the included supplies.

Check the Contents of LED Tooth Whitening Kits

An LED tooth whitening kit includes two different components. They have trays to fit over the teeth as well as LED lights to bleach the teeth.

Trays or Gel

The small, flexible trays in a tooth whitening kit are filled with a special gel, usually carbamide peroxide gel. Manufacturers make them the right shape to wrap around the teeth and stay in place for a short period of time. Often, one tray is designed for the top teeth, and another for the bottom teeth. Many LED tooth whitening kits include multiple trays to accommodate the need for several treatments.

Some LED tooth whitening kits have paint-on gel rather than trays. Users apply the gel directly to the teeth and then shine the light on them for the required period of time.

LED Lights

In LED tooth whitening kits,, users should also find a small LED light, sometimes called a laser bleaching light. The laser lights or LED lights within the tooth whitening kits are fairly intense. They drive the bleaching agent into the surface of the tooth, allowing the whitening effect. Buyers should ensure that their new LED tooth whitening kit includes batteries for the LED lights.

The lights in different kits vary in intensity, with some kits claiming that teeth become six shades whiter with just one hour of treatment. One example of such a product is the Luster 1-Hour Tooth Whitening Kit. This type of rapid effect may be just what users need to prepare for an unexpected opportunity or event. However, if there is a chance of tooth sensitivity, users should opt for whitening kits that take a more gradual approach.

Plan the Treatment Session

Users need to plan ahead to ensure that they have enough time to complete their whitening treatments. Many whitening kits recommend 15 or 20 minutes per treatment. Some suggest two applications of 15 minutes each. This span of time is sufficient to allow the gel to fully absorb into the teeth without exposing them to the intense LED light for too long.

Users should understand the needs of their own teeth before they begin treatment. For instance, individuals with stained teeth might need a few extra treatments to achieve the right level of whiteness. Those with sensitive teeth may need to dial back the intensity of the light or try shorter treatments instead of the full 15 or 20 minutes.

Use the LED Tooth Whitening Kit

During the application, users may apply the gel to their own teeth with an applicator or pen.. If their LED tooth whitening kit includes protective trays or trays that have the gel inside them, users should also apply those according to the kit’s instruction manual. Next, they need to set up the LED light, direct it at their teeth, turn it on, and remain in the same position for the duration of the treatment. The user’s mouth needs to be open, with lips retracted as much as possible to allow the light to reach the gel and perform its full function. Users may want to set a timer or keep a watch handy so that they know when to cease the treatment.

When the treatment is over, users can rinse their mouths thoroughly with water. The gel is not harmful to human beings, but manufacturers do not recommend that consumers swallow it.
Rinsing effectively rids the teeth of excess gel.

Prolong the Effects of the Whitening Treatment

Users can prolong the effects of an LED tooth whitening kit by watching what they eat and drink. Coffee,, red wine,, soda, and iced tea can stain the teeth and shorten the lifespan of the whitening treatments. Vividly colored foods and food with strong acids can have the same detrimental staining effect. If users are careful about their consumption of such foods and drinks, their whitening treatment should last for several months or perhaps a full year.

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