When to visit a Dentist if you have painful teeth? – Dr. Srivats Bharadwaj


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Is painful teeth is the time to visit doctor,not at all because the most important thing you need to understand is when you suffer from dental pain it means that there is substantial amount of damage or infection that already happened to your teeth due to which you are having pain please understand that tooth problems are very silent and very destructive .gum problems do not happen over night ,they generally not acute problems they are chronic problems.The most important thing you must realize is that almost 90 % of dental problems are preventable.so by the time you visit a dentist with pain that means that you have lost your health and to rehabilitate them is going to be expensive and also extensive so prevention must begin very very early and we have a very common question that i don’t eat chocolates and sweets but i still have tooth decay but diet is not one aspect of tooth decay ,dental problems are multi factorial it also percolates down to your what time you eat what kind of food you eat,what is the anatomy of your teeth,what are the kind of grooves that you have on your teeth.so it is very important you take certain preventive steps by visiting a dentist every 6 months getting professional cleaning done ,getting set of x rays done to check is everything okay in between your teeth and also most importantly get an dental sealants done,dental sealants are very simple safe and non invasive techniques that can be done on to your teeth to prevent almost 90 percent of tooth problems.

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