What happens to a tooth if you leave it in Soft Drink for 24 hours?


See what happens if you leave a tooth in a glass of Soft Drink for 24 hours? Does it dissolve or not?
چی ڕوو ئەدات ئەگەر ددانێک لە خواردنەوەیەکی گازیدا هەڵبگریت بۆ ماوەی ٢٤ کاژێر؟

It doesn’t dissolve the tooth but as you see here it causes extensive damage.
Please realize that this tooth has been left in glass of Cola for 24 hours, were there’s no protective agents for the tooth.
In mouth there’s Saliva which protects the tooth and washes them out.
The damage of soft drinks on your teeth would be far less dangerous.