What Can You Do About Smokers Teeth The Different Options


What Can You Do About Smokers Teeth? The Different Options – http://BeCuredNow.com – The effect of smoking on teeth is anything but pleasant, and since our teeth tend to be visible when we speak, smokers are often found looking at how to whiten smokers’ teeth. The good thing is there are a number of options when it comes to smokers teeth whitening, and here’s a guide to your basic alternatives.

Strips and Gels:
There are a number of ‘over-the-counter’ products aimed at helping whiten smokers’ teeth, and these include whitening strips and whitening gels. The strips are extremely thin and barely visible, and are coated using a peroxide based gel. The gels, again, are peroxide based, and are applied onto the teeth’s surface using a small brush. With both these options, while a few days are enough to see early results, best results are obtained after prolonged use (up to four months).

Rinses and Toothpastes:

The use of these products is generally advised after a bleaching treatment, and these can help in maintaining results. These, however, aren’t particularly effective when it comes to changing the natural color of teeth, or even in reversing excessive staining. Whitening rinses and toothpastes are peroxide based as well, and can also come with sodium tripolyphosphate (a chemical which helps in breaking down and dissolving stains). They are looked upon as lesser effective alternatives in comparison to strips and gels, given that the solution stays in contact with teeth for brief periods.

Tray Based Whiteners:
When it comes to tray based teeth whiteners, you can look for over-the-counter options or head to your dentist. With this method, you are required to wear a tray containing the bleaching agent in your mouth, and the duration of how long you need to wear it depends on the severity of the condition. Visiting your dentist at least to get the tray made is suggested, as this will ensure that you have a tray that fits perfectly (ensuring that the bleaching agent is uniformly in contact with all your teeth).

Heading to the Dentist:
If you suffer from severe teeth discoloration or have excessive staining, your best bet is to make an appointment with the dentist. A majority of these ‘in-office’ treatments involve careful application of a light-cured protective layer on the teeth to minimize the risk of chemical burns, and carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is used as the bleaching agent. In a…

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