What are my options for replacing one missing tooth?


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There are basically 4 options:

1 – Leave the gap as is. This is the “cheapest option”. Risks are that teeth might drift into that space which might changes the bite. Drifted teeth/angled teeth are difficult to clean, and there can be a development of gum infections around these teeth.

2 – A partial denture. These are removable teeth.

3 – A Bridge. A tooth is attached permanently to teeth next store

4 – An implant. A dental implant attaches to the bone, and a crown is then attached to the top of the implant.

So, certainly the advantage of a removable denture usually is its cost in that of all the tooth replacement options this is the cheapest of the lot. It’s usually around ,500.
The disadvantage is it is potentially going to show when you smile. And also the function – quite often when you’re biting it’s going to rock a little. And depending on why you’re getting your teeth replaced, you may consider that this actually isn’t going to give you a lot of function.

In contrast, the next option you may consider is a bridge. Now, the bridge’s advantage is that it’s fixed so it’s not removable. A denture, you need to take out at night so you don’t get a fungal infection underneath the denture which sometimes occurs. A bridge is something which is permanently fixed there. So your dentist will shave down the two teeth next to the missing tooth and then they cement that bridge on top. Its advantage is that it’s fixed to the teeth next door. Its disadvantage is probably its price, it’s roughly about ,500, but you’d need to check with your dentist to get an accurate quote. And it can weaken the teeth next door. Sometimes you’ll find that the tooth next door actually breaks because of the load that it’s taking by holding onto these teeth.

The alternative option for teeth replacements are dental implants; the big disadvantage of the implants is their cost. We have the implant component which might be ,900 and the crown which might be that same amount again as well. The advantages of the dental implant really is that it’s fixed to the jaw, it’s not touching the teeth next door, and it’s not something that is going to cover the palate at all or have clasps like a removable partial denture.

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