Ventura Substance Abuse Rehab – Rehab For Substance Abuse In Ventura


Ventura Substance Abuse Rehab –

This short video gives you an introduction to Ventura Substance Abuse Rehab and
alcohol rehabilitation.

Ventura Recovery Center Extended Care and Sober Living are in three phases—a step-down recovery program designed to bridge the gap between primary treatment and independent living. It gradually reintegrates you into a drug-free world as your coping skills, self-esteem and long-term recovery tools become sufficient to withstand the people, places and situations that may trigger your reactions and cravings.

Our success helping clients back into the real world stems from a highly effective care model that combines graduated sober living with comprehensive addiction treatment services. It is a model that merges spiritual principles and a program of action that helps our clients to achieve productive, drug-free and successful lives.

Ventura Substance Abuse Rehab