Types of artificial teeth – Dr Supriya A Rai


Many patients come to us by missing teeth they could be missing few teeth or all the teeth. The usual loss of teeth occurs either due to the fracture of the tooth which requires extraction of that particular tooth, it can occur as a result of gum problem that is bone loss or because of the bone loss tooth has to be extracted. It can happen as a result of age, there are many methods to replace this tooth, one is denture second is bridges third is implants. When we do dentures they are removable and are of two type’s temporary and permanent dentures, partial or full. When they are temporary they just made so that the patient has time for healing to take place and then they are able to use the denture. Dentures can be partial which replaces two teeth’s and they can be full which replaces all the teeth’s. Another type of replacement is bridges. Many people want a fixed solution so we make bridges if a tooth is missing in the center we slice two teeth on either side make crowns for the teeth and take the support of side teeth for this tooth. But the disadvantage of this is slicing the tooth on either side which are very good teeth. Now we have implants made up of metal for tightening they take the shape of the tooth root, they are placed surgically into the bone and once it is integrated with bone we place abutment which fixes on to the implant and we make a crown for it. by this method w do not have to slice the teeth on either side. This method has been used since 20 years and very useful for the fixed solution.