Top Search Plug RIGHT AFTER $100k


Remember our video on how 1 dentist makes a take home, taxable income of 0k A MONTH average? Dr. Schefdore answers emails we’ve been receiving about the video marketing program and being on the first page of Google. For more information call 800-910-5523 or visit

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s show you what we are talking about. In the first video Dr. Schefdore told you to go to Google and search for “Downers Grove dentures”. This time, let’s go to Google and search for “Oak Brook veneers”. You will notice a box on top – this is one of Dr. Schefdores videos. Notice how that stands out next your competition – all they have is a blue link like everyone else. This is your opportunity to steal those leads from your competition by drawing their eyes to your video where they will find your phone number and website readily available. This video is a gateway to your website and more information about your practice. All they have to do is click one button and they will see all your information (phone number, address, website, etc), examples of your work, maybe a picture of the staff or inside the office. For every other dentist they would have to go to their website and search around for this exact information.

Now, think about your highest profit treatments. For example, dental implants, veneers, dentures, etc.. These are the search terms you need to target in your area. If someone is searching the internet for dental implants, for example, they already know they are going to get them and they just need to find a dentist to do it. If your video is on the first page of Google when they search “your city + dental implants” YOU are going to stand out over every other dentist in the area. A few of these type of cases could easily cover the cost of this program.

Skip marketing to people looking for teeth whitening. Target high profit treatments. You can see less patients and make more!