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Toothbrushing Mistake No.1: Not Using the Right Toothbrush – There are many types of brush available, bendy ones, electric ones, and multi-directional. Some have handles too large for your mouth, double check your brush is good for you.

Toothbrushing Mistake No.2: Not Picking the Right Bristles –Soft or hard bristles? Long or short? Multilayered or plain straight cut? Using a hard bristled brush creates wear and tear on your gums. Soft bristles are gentler on your mouth.

Toothbrushing Mistake No.3: Not Brushing Often Enough or Long Enough – We are all hurried on occasion but that’s no excuse for brushing too little. This will lead to staining and buildup of unwanted bacteria.

Toothbrushing Mistake No.4: Brushing Too Often or Too Hard – Hard brushing causes your gums to recede and enamel damage. Brush with gentle circular motions for an even cleanse and healthy dental hygiene.

Toothbrushing Mistake No.5: Not Brushing Correctly – We sometimes brush without thinking, and this leads to your brush never really delivering its potential. Using the brush correctly leads to a healthier mouth.

Toothbrushing Mistake No.6: Starting in the Same Place Each Time – Each brushing should deliver the same amount of cleansing. If you start with the same tooth every time other teeth may not get the same attention because you are not giving the same energy by the end. Mixing it up helps keep an even clean.

Toothbrushing Mistake No.7: Skipping Inner Tooth Surfaces – Plaque is damaging stuff. You should brush the inner tooth surfaces, this is especially prevalent for the front teeth as they are often under cleaned.

ToothbrushingMistake No.8: Not Following Up with a Rinse – By rinsing after you clean, the teeth stay clean of bacteria, and unwanted remains are washed away.

Toothbrushing Mistake No.9: Not Letting the Toothbrush Dry – The brush should be stored in the room environment, not a container. This gives it the chance to dry properly before the next use and prevents bacteria remaining on the brush.

Toothbrushing Mistake No.10: Not Changing the Toothbrush Often Enough – At some point your brush will need changing. A brush with sprayed bristles is passed its use. Renew it every three to four months.

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