Top 10 Golf Putter Review


Top 10 Golf Putter Review

I put links to each golf putter Amazon page in the description so you can check out the other reviews.

1. Odyssey Metal X 7 Putter

Very good weighting and a nice feel.

2. Nike Golf Everclear 11 putter

Nice putter with great balance.

3. TaylorMade White Smoke MC-72 Putter

The putter looks great and it’s TaylorMade!

4. Odyssey Metal X Rossie Putter

This is a solid putter and looks good too…

5. Nextt Golf Men’s Axis HMD Matt Black

This is a great buy!

6. Tour Edge 3 backdraft GT Plus Putter

Overall it’s a pretty good putter for the money!

7. TaylorMade Daddy Long legs Putter

It has a very solid yet soft fell to it!!

8. Cleveland Golf Men’s Classic Putter

A nice traditional feeling club.

9. Confidence M2 Putter

This is a great putter for the price.

10. Medicus Overspin CB2 cast Blade Golf Putter

A very nice all-around putter!!!