This Woman Lost 30Kg By Drinking Brown Rice Water! How To Lose Weight Fast


South Korean comedian celebrity star, Kim Shin-young used her roundish plump body form and humorous talk to successfully win the hearts of a large audience. Recently Kim worked hard to slim down her body and successfully reduced her body weight by 29kg,from 73kg to 44kg.

She frankly said that she started her body slimming programme because during a health examination, the doctor told her if she continued to gain weight, after 10 more years she would not be around any more. From that day onward, she started to treat her health seriously.

Recently, during one of her shows she shared the secret of her
natural cures weight losing success. Besides eating less and doing more exercise she said she drank 2 litres of brown rice water daily.

According to the doctor, drinking brown rice water definitely can
help to slim down body but it must be complemented with a
balanced diet and a lot of physical exercise.

Before she started her slimming programme, Kim used her roundish face and plump body to popularize her comedy shows. After she slimmed down she looked like a different person.

According to body slimming specialist Dr. Siao Tun-jin brown rice water indeed contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that help in metabolism.

How to prepare brown rice water? Clean the brown rice. Stir-fry the brown rice in a wok until it becomes brownish yellow. Put the fried rice in boiling water and quickly extinguish the fire.Sieve out the rice after soaking for 5 minutes. The remaining water is the brown rice water.

Benefits of the brown rice water: Promotes blood circulation. Besides cleansing blood, brown rice water can help to break down cholesterol and allow smooth blood flow thereby prevent
high blood pressure and stroke. With unimpeded blood flow, the sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to body cells will
boost the health of every body organ.

Promotes smooth discharge of urine. Brown rice water is the most natural diuretics which can promote metabolism and help the body to discharge excess nutrients and toxin. It also assists the pancreas to secrete insulin, which helps in lowering blood sugar level and can be considered as one of the best drinks for
diabetic patients.

Promotes smooth bowel discharge. Brown rice is rich in natural plant fibres and helps in discharging stagnant stool trapped in the intestines, thus preventing large intestine, rectum and colon cancers.

She also added that, to achieve healthy body weight reduction one has to ensure daily intake of whole grain, protein and fat in the ratio of 5 : 2 : 1, and shortage of any one of these is
considered unhealthy.

Although drinking brown rice water can help in body weight reduction, one has to ensure a balanced diet with adequate physical exercise so that there will not be any dilemma of
“body slims but illness comes”.

Her reduction of body weight by almost 30 kg from 73kg to 44kg is mainly due to daily intake of 2 litres of brown rice water complemented with eating less and exercise more, eat
breakfast properly and take simple healthy dinner!
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