They always told you that Nivea cream was good … but they never told you “this”!


They always told you that Nivea cream was good … but they never told you “this”!

Skin care is very important, many times, it can reflect our good or bad health, that is why many companies are dedicated to create and sell creams ranging from sun protection to rejuvenation of this, work or Do not work that is at your discretion, but of all brands for skin care, there is one in particular that you know, your parents know, even your grandparents know and perhaps still continue to buy and is that he has many years in The market, I mean cream Nivea

A cream that despite the years is not out of fashion and people are still buying because they ensure incredible results.
Perhaps you do not know it but the cream of this brand has an endless benefits that you must know so that you begin to take advantage of it to the maximum. Here are the benefits that will leave you enchanted, if you believed that only served to moisturize the skin, let me tell you that you were always in error, check:
Hair ointment. If you have problems with your hair and you can not get that perfect hairstyle that only you know how to do it, all you need is to apply cream on your hands and pass these around the area so rebellious and ready, so you will get that cool hairstyle that makes you only.

Removes cracks in feet . If you are one of the people who have dry and scratchy feet, this tip can serve you, all you need to do is apply snow cream around the sole of the foot during the night and massage all over the affected area, wear socks and daily After you remove them you will see surprising results, your feet will be very soft.

Extra advice: if you applied cream at night and the next day you still have feet parched and scratchy perhaps you need something more intense as the next remedy; All you need to do is mix snow cream with Benpantol, then spread it on your feet and massage them, wear socks all night and you’ll see a positive result the next morning.
Make-up remover. It is a great ally for women as it helps them to perfectly remove the face without mistreating it; Just apply it all over the face and remove it with cotton, then wash the face with warm water and ready, without the need to use special creams to remove makeup.

Anti age for the eye area. The crow’s feet will no longer be a problem, you simply need to apply it around the eyes and let it act all night, the next day you will see the results.
Smooth and clear knees. Rub snow cream on your knees to make them softer and moisturized.

Prevent pregnancy stretch marks. No woman is saved from stretch marks after pregnancy, but that’s no problem if you use night cream, all you need to do is apply around the breasts and hips or any other area where you are prone to stretch marks.
Deep moisturizing for the face. Maybe you are someone who does not use cream regularly and that is why it has dry face, if it is so it is best to use cream on your face, then cover it with a wet towel and leave it for half an hour, when removing it wash very Well the face with warm water to get a smooth and hydrated face.
Hands perfectly hydrated. Using snow cream for those rough and scratchy hands is very effective in keeping them soft.

Hydration of the lips. If you are one of the people who will dry your lips during the cold season, all you need to do is apply cream to your lips for several days, until you see a positive result.
Hydrates the cuticles. To have a better hydration in the cuticles apply cream in the most dry places and then massage gently for a few minutes, it will not take long to see the results.
After the sun. If you are sensitive skin and when visiting the beach or spend a lot of time in the sun you feel that your skin is burning, apply cream throughout the affected area so that you feel a feeling of freshness and do not suffer more.

Skin burns. If you had an accident with something hot, either in the kitchen or in some other place where high temperatures are handled, apply snow cream to avoid blisters. But if it is a serious accident, go immediately to a doctor.

Treat and prevent dermatitis. The density of this cream is so powerful that it can prevent and treat dermatitis.
Hydration and rinsing for elbows. For people who have dry elbows, with the simple fact of applying cream can obtain clarity and softness in them.

Anti-eye circles. You can also help remove those dark circles that sprout during the night by not sleeping well with the simple fact of applying cream during the night before going to bed, rest all night, the next day wash your face and go. (Perform this for the time needed until you see results)

These are the benefits that white cream has, maybe you know someone else that you have confirmed, share it with us and SHARE this with your friends so that they take into account that this incredible cream can help.