The Organic Toothbrush Tutorial – How to Naturally WHITEN & Clean Your Teeth Using our Miswak Kit


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Nature’s gift for whitening your teeth is now readily available. Recommended by several top UK-qualified dental practitioners it is now your turn to go completely Organic with your choice of Toothbrush!

If you need further advice please email after following the instructions and checking the extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) on our website page

1- Once you open the box of your organic product, please remove The Organic Toothbrush from the vacuum-packed Holder

2- The Organic Toothbrush itself will be vacuum-packed for freshness so please remove the vacuum-sealed toothbrushes only when you are ready to use them in order to maintain freshness

3- Dip one end of The Organic Toothbrush into water to soften it

4- Trim or chew the outer layer of the bark off the toothbrushe, no more than ½ inch. PLEASE NOTE: the initial chewing-off of the bark may have an unusual taste – this is normal and is not harmful. The strong taste is a good indicator that the toothbrushes are fresh

5- Chew on the outer layer of The Organic Toothbrush to reveal a white bark (the bristles) – it is similar to peeling a potato in many ways! Continue chewing on this white layer until bristles form and become soft

6- Brush teeth SOFTLY in a circular motion. PLEASE NOTE: aggressive brushing may lead to gum damage as with any conventional toothbrush so take care when using The Organic Toothbrush for the first time.

7- Continue brushing for at least 3 minutes to ensure you brush all teeth fully and equally

8- Place the toothbrush inside the plastic Holder and store in a dry place free of germs and away from bathroom sinks and toilets

9- Each freshly cut ½ inch of the toothbrush should only be used for 24 hours to achieve healthier, whiter teeth and improve dental hygiene. You should ONLY cut ½ inch off each day using The Organic Toothbrush Cutter, which makes cutting the toothbrush safe and simple

10- And remember: NO MORE TOOTHPASTE NEEDED! To see maximum results please do NOT use toothpaste or mouthwash and let Mother Nature’s gift do the hard work!