Terry Hughes DDS Can Help You Live Longer With Dental Implants!


http://www.DelawareDentistTerryHughes.com, Terry Hughes has a 3D Cone Beam Dental MRI Machine for dental implants so he can give you the best dental implant with the least amount of risk possible. How? Well if the doctor hits a nerve while placing a dental implant it can give you permanent numbness in areas of your face! The 3D Dental MRI Dr. Hughes uses shows him not just where your bones are like an X-Ray would show, but it shows where your nerves are! So Dr. Hughes knows EXACTLY how deep a dental implant can be placed without hitting your nerve. How is that for safety and technology??!!??

Did you know people who retain their teeth have been found in studies to live on average 10 years longer than people who lose their teeth? Dental implants can change the length of your life. If you have lost your teeth, then you need not fear living a shorter life. You can replace those teeth with dental implants and live the longest, fullest life possible. Don’t wait. You can restore your smile today. Call Dr. Hughes.

Dr. Terry Hughes has a spa-like dental office in Delaware, OH with all the latest and greatest dental equipment so he can offer patients the most technologically advanced dental care possible. Dr. Hughes has a Cerec Machine that allows him to grind down your tooth/teeth, and fabricate your final crown or bridge all in one convenient appointment instead of sending out an impression to a dental lab and then having you (the patient) come back to his office two weeks later for your final crown or bridge.

For an appointment at Dr. Hughes office, called Pacer Dental, in Delaware, OH please call 740-362-1591 today.

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