TEETH WHITENING: Wrap Your Teeth In Tin Foil For 1 Hour – You Will Be Amazed By The Results


TEETH WHITENING: Wrap Your Teeth In Tin Foil For 1 Hour – You Will Be Amazed By The Results

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Most of us dread going to the dentist. Expensive dental procedures, prevent many people from achieving perfect white teeth. But who would’ve thought that having an elusive perfect white teeth is just simple as ABC? All you need are few simple materials found in your home.

Here’s everything you need:
sodium bicarbonate (baking soda),
sea salt,
and tin foil.

Adding some sea salt and/or baking soda to your dental hygiene, is a safe and natural way to whiten and strengthen your teeth and gums, break down plaque buildup, and protect against bad breath. Either used alone, or together, they are inexpensive, and time-tested treatments for tooth care.

Sea salt is great to make your mouth free from bacteria. This is because salt increases the pH level in your mouth, making it difficult for bacteria to live. Salt is a booster for saliva. When your mouth produces an adequate amount of saliva, it creates an antibacterial protection for the enamel. Sea salt triumphs over regular salt, because sea salt contains more minerals than its counterpart. Also, regular salt undergoes a lot of processing before reaching our tables.

Now, there is a reason why you find baking soda listed in your mouthwash. Baking soda is highly alkaline in nature, and has whitening properties. This means it neutralizes the acid in your mouth, reducing your chances of getting tooth decay, and removing nasty plaque.

When the pH level of your mouth is low, it makes your mouth prone to the growth of bacteria. Baking soda, with its high pH level, boosts an alkaline environment in your mouth. This makes it difficult for the bacteria to live. Also, regular use of baking soda in your dental care helps to reduce bad breath…..

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use this remedy instead of or with any prescribed medication for treating some health issue.


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