Tattoo Removal For Men – The Good News From Dr Barry Lycka

allure Tattoo Removal For Men – Got a tattoo you regret? The good news for men with tattoos is that laser tattoo removal works great. Video from Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka.

I’m talking to you today about tattoo removal for men.

Hi, I’m Dr Barry Lycka, host of Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on and I am talking to you today from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, from my beautiful downtown office.

Tattoos are something that many men get in their youth and then don’t like them afterwards!
I was talking to a former Army corporal today who had tattoos on his arms and chest and he really didn’t like them any more. He came to me to see what he could do…

The Good News is that we can do lots.

Lasers in this day and age remove tattoos effectively and quickly. It does take a number of treatments to get there but there are virtually no scars as a result. There are still some pigments that are harder to treat but with tattoos today it shouldn’t be a limiting factor.
Tattoos are something that we love to treat in our office and there is something that we can do for you.
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