Stretch Marks – How Can You Get Rid Of Them? Dr Barry Lycka

allure Stretch Marks – what are they & how can you get rid of stretch marks? These FAQs are answered by Dr Barry Lycka, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist, in his latest video

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Today I am going to talk to you about stretch marks.
So what are stretch marks, anyhow?

Stretch marks are little tears in the top layer of your skin that cause a little slivery line on it – on your abdomen, your arms, and they frequently happen when you are growing too fast such as when you are pregnant or when you are gaining weight.

The problem is that after these tears are made, there is no way to re-generate the elastic fibres which are no longer in the affected area.

BUT the good news is that we can shrink down the surrounding skin. We can do that with Thermage, we can do that with lasers, we can do that with our new fractional lasers which put tiny little holes

into the skin which helps it heal and we can also use micro-needling to treat stretch marks too. And afterwards, we can also put substances into those tiny little holes to help the skin heal.

So I would like you to think about this because there are LOTS of things we can do to treat stretchmarks in 2015 – things are even better than they were even a year ago! So come and talk to us!

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