Smile Direct Club – FINAL REVIEW (6 months after finishing plan)!


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This is a review of Smile Direct Club, a company that makes invisible aligners to straighten teeth and my personal experience with so far.

A few clarifications after publishing this video:
1. Smile Care Club has recently changed their name to Smile Direct Club.
2. The initial online questionnaire assessment is FREE.
3. The evaluation kit you get in the mail is before any discounts.
4.Treatment usually takes 4-14 months depending on your personal situation.
5. Average cost is 00 and ranges from 0-00, again depending on your personal treatment plan.
6. Some people will require a one time dentist visit for a procedure called IPR. They file a very small amount of enamel between your teeth to make more room for them to shift. I did not require this, much to my surprise and happiness.

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