Slap Bass Lesson – How To Play Slap Bass Triplets


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This lesson shows you how to play slap bass triplets. This is a lick that is commonly used by bass players like Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten and in this video I’ve broken it down in a simple process that you can follow and perfect in under three minutes.

Many people often get put off playing things like this because, when first hearing them, they sound very complicated and difficult to do. However, that’s not the case. By simply splitting the work load between both hands you can easily master this lick.

There’s still one problem though. The lick on it’s own isn’t enough to be a complete bass line so how do you use it in your own playing without sounding completely awful? Rather than put ANOTHER long and boring youtube lesson together, I’ve actually written a free eBook which you can download. This explains exactly how I use this lick when playing live, working in the studio and what my process is when trying to work it into my own playing. The book also has three example bass grooves which have both tab and notation so you can follow my method and then see for yourself how I’ve used it.

If you want to know more about the historic development of the slap bass technique then check out this article from Wikipedia. It also has plenty of information on some great figures in the history of slap bass. It’s a great resource for finding out new information and some new people to listen to!

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