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Dr. Lisa Offers Top Quality Dental Services At Affordable Rates in Sydney.

At Pain Free Dentist Sydney, we combine a range of new age dental treatments to ensure you have a quick, simple and most importantly pain free experience. The various methods that we use to ensure a pain free experience include painless injections of a local anesthetic, oral sedation or sleep dentistry.

Our specialized injection technique uses a slow delivery system which administers painless injections. Oral sedation is a sedative pill which you take an hour prior to your dental treatment allows you to be really relax and is pain free.

Sleep dentistry offers patients the advantage of being completely relaxed throughout the session which will be monitored and administered intravenously by a qualified anesthetist.

Our Services:

White fillings, digital x-ray imaging (minimal radiation), teeth whitening, custom made sports mouth-guards, wisdom teeth extraction, root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry: veneers, bonding, smile makeover, crowns and bridges, orthodontics/ Invisalign, dentures and prosthetic, teeth cleaning and polishing, gum treatment and surgery, snoring guards for snorers and sleep apnoea sufferer, TMJ rehabilitation, sleep dentistry, holistic dentistry, safe amalgam removal, dental implants, and Botox and Injectable Collagen Fillers.

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