Simple Method Teeth Whitening (100% working)

4 Natural ways for Teeth Whitening
When you are in front of a camera and someone asks you to “say cheese”, your immediate reaction is to smile showing your teeth. However, if you have yellow or discolored teeth, you may not really love smiling to the cameras. There is no doubt that people prefer whiter teeth and spend a fortune on teeth whitening.

Why do we start getting yellow teeth and how to prevent?

Teeth discoloration or yellow teeth could be caused by multiple reasons. It is a part of aging process too. Mainly, it is what you eat and what you drink, that causes discoloration. The bad foods that affect your oral hygiene are the artificial foods that contain high sugar like soda, non nutritious snack and sweetened fruit drinks. On the contrary, some natural foods like Milk, fruits, vegetables do contain sugars but they are good for teeth and save your tooth from decay. It is a better choice to maintain a balanced diet in order to have a good oral hygiene

Ways that will help you to whiten your teeth naturally:

1) Brush after eating: Brushing your teeth after eating or drinking something works well. Most natural foods like vegetables, fruits don’t need much of brushing but if you are a frequent coffee drinker or a smoker then this method will definitely help you a lot in maintaining white teeth.

2) Oil pulling: Oil pulling is an inexpensive home remedy that you can use for teeth whitening without any harmful side effects. Take one tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil and rinse the insides of your mouth for 20 minutes swishing it around. Make sure that the oil spreads completely inside your mouth. It will turn into a white thick fluid after 20 minutes then you can go ahead and spit it. Now, thoroughly rinse your mouth, you can even use Luke warm water for rinsing. Oil pulling is the first thing you have to do in the morning in empty stomach. After doing your oil pulling, you can start brushing your teeth.

3) Baking Soda with Lemon: This is the most popular home remedy used for natural teeth whitening. Baking soda also called as Sodium Bicarbonate along with lemon gives bright and white teeth. Mix a little baking soda with lemon juice and use this mixture to brush your teeth gently. Use this method once a week for good results. It is better to avoid using this method. Also consult your dentist in case of an irritation.

4) The wonder fruit Strawberry: Strawberries contain Malic acid and Vitamin C which aids in teeth whitening. You can mash few strawberries and brush with this mixture once or twice a week for better results. Another method that you can do is just chewing few strawberries so that it spreads completely inside your mouth.

These above methods are completely natural and effective ways for teeth whitening. It is always better to have a word with your dentist about the foods that you need to avoid and to know the foods that you need to consume which gives better oral hygiene.
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