Review: Porcelain Veneers. My Experience


Yes, I know I had to cut it short and I’m so sorry. But, I only had 10 mins and I had a lot to cover. I had to edit this out of 45 mins of video that I took. So, chances are I couldn’t put somthing in there that was important. If I missed somthing that you want me to answer then just comment or message me. I will be glad to help you as much as I can.

Since I really had to cut short my section on pricing, I will just go over it now a little more. I know this is somthing that is really expensive to have done, and somthing that not too many people can afford. But, there are a few little things that may help you get the cost down.

-Ask your insurance company if they could take anything off of the price. Even if they just take ,000 off the price then thats ,000 you don’t have to pay. Although, it is unlikely they will take anything off (mine didn’t) but you never know so it is somthing that I would check into.

-Don’t have all of your teeth covered. This is a major way to keep the cost down. You may just want to have the teeth that are shown when you talk covered with the porcelain veneers. In that case you may only have to have a few teeth covered. Which will in turn keep the price down.

Another thing about my price is that even though my price in general was expensive. My dentist told me that 0 a tooth is actually kind of cheap compared to some other peoples price. Some have to pay over ,000 a tooth. Which makes my 0 a tooth sound like a really good deal. This is somthing that you will jst have to go over with your dentist.

Thank you so much for watching. Again, if you have any quesions just ask!