Review for C6 Starsust Dental Detox Formula


I have tried a few different activated charcoal teeth whitening products over the years and this one is the best tasting by far. There are some that have no other flavors added and you are just scrubbing your teeth with black, tasteless stuff. No fun. At least with this one we have a flavor and it makes it not so bad. It is such a mess though! First I prerinse and then I brush with the activated charcoal and then I rinse with water. Then I floss, I need to floss after the activated charcoal because it gets caught up under my gum line. So after I floss I use regular toothpaste and make sure the black is gone and then I use my antibacterial mouthwash. I absolutely love the way it makes my mouth taste and feel and the added benefit of fighting the teeth staining by all the coffee I drink gives me peace of mind that my smile is nice and pretty. I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my honest unbiased review. #C6Stardust