Remedy for removing acne and pimples and there scars and spots from face in urdu/hindi


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In this video we make a remedy for removing acne and pimples and there scars also in this remedy we use all natural things is best for your acne and pimple and there scars and pore and pigmentation etc etc.Its remove acne and pimple permenantly and there scars also in this all things are natural and free from chemical and also good for your skin and also inexpensive.
here is the list of ingredients.
1—-Cinamom powder (dar cheeni powder,دار چینی کا پاوڈر )
2—-Orange peel powder ( keenu kay chilkay ka powder,کینو یا سنترے کے چھلکوں کا پاوڈر )
3—-Baking soda ( meetha soda,کھانے والا سوڈا,بیکنگ پاوڈر )
we add one teaspoon baking soda and one teaspoon orange peel powder and one teaspoon cinamom powder and mix with water to make a paste and then apply on your face maximum 20 minutes and then rinse off with water.
All ingredients heals your skin acne and exfoliate your skin and lightens the scars and brightens your skin complexion.
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