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It is a fact that being a woman is not easy at all , pay attention to the times image requires to be beautiful and well maintained. Here are 13 tricks Easy Beauty Secrets beauty should know that women no longer need to wear fake eyelashes . After applying a coat of your mascara to your eyelashes rub baby powder and then apply another layer of mascara . The result will be spectacular. If you need to show maximum performance of your mascara then his mouth …

10 Lemon Beauty Secret
Opener hair color
One of the best applications to use lemon for beauty is in turn use the hair color of the water.
Dear women! No need to damaging your body with chemicals to turn your hair color.
Especially on the beach you apply to your hair, then you will open your hair with lemon juice into the sea, you will have the pleasant tone in your hair.
You must also not go to sea, heading out of the sunlight is strong weather
Apply lemon juice to your hair, you will see the difference.
nail Strengthening
Nail manicure enforcement schedule to frequently weaken your nails can lead to fast break.
Never do not worry! lemon will raise your emergency.
Apply one tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with olive oil to nails.
If you continue this practice will strengthen your nails in a short time.
As a bonus, this mask will save you mAlArIndAn yellowing nails.
Lip Balm
Dries your lips, Do you feel scaly, then try to take lemon juice to your lips before going to bed.
Lemon juice to your lips while you sleep at night, smooth on the next day, you wake up with soft lips.
Lemon for skin and hair
If you do not find any solution to it constantly lubricated and hair, try a well lemon juice.
Apply lemon juice on your hair, this practice will balance the oil in your hair.
You can apply lemon juice on the oily cildinize, pour a few drops of lemon juice, cotton and cotton to rub your face, that’s all.
Aging Stains
Lemon juice, liver ‘re origin, age , or getting rid of the stain formed is very effective for any reason , or even the appearance of freckles help in hafifletmekte .
Anti- aging cream for your money is a lot of empty space döküceği , apply lemon juice on your skin .
Apply lemon juice on the skin blemishes , after 15 minutes, rinse with water.
teeth Whitening
Brush your teeth a little bit of lemon juice Put carbonate , mix rub your teeth after 2 minutes and hold in your teeth , brush your teeth .
This application will whiten your teeth.
Alone often can not apply this potion erode teeth.