Pick Me Up Facial Routine


This is for that night when you need extra love & Me Time!

Products mentioned:

Aztec Secret Indian Clay
Apple Cider Vinegar
Measuring Cup
Small Plastic Bowl

Products I used in Tonight’s Transformation:
Facial Mask
Sk-ii Brightening Derm Clear Lotion
Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum
with Vitamin E & Ferulic Acid
Lancome Le Gel
The Illuminating & Anti-Fatigue
Cooling Eye Gel (It does cool & I love the feeling it gives me~first impression)
Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate (I just tried it tonight the first time & will update at the end of 12 days as to whether I will buy it! I didn’t use my retinol tonight! I want to see how this alone does for a night or two!)
Kaplan MD Beverly Hills Lip 20 Mask
O’Keefe’s Lip Repair Cooling Relief Lip Balm
Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask
Mymagicmymud Whitening Powder
Nature’s Answer Periobrite Complete Oral Care Natural Mouthwash with COQ10 & Folic Acid in Cinnamint flavor~my favorite mouthwash ever!!!
Plackers Dental Flossers in Micro mint ~I find these fun to use but you have to be careful as they can hurt your gums if they are sensitive & cause bleeding & have a tendency to get stuck in your teeth, I find! But I enjoy knowing it freshens breath!!! :)
And of course, my Therabreath Dry Mouth Lozenges & Dentist Recommended! They taste citrusy & yummy!!!

Products I Luv
Total Life Changes Resolution 20- great for keeping you on a low carb diet!
Itworks! Fat Fighter- also helps me stick to my diet & aids if I have a cheat date! Very recommended if you are struggling with maintaining low carb especially in the beginning or during holidays! Hey, we are all human are we not? I am going to be getting a body fat analysis scale from vanity planet in March and will Share my weight & goal at that time and talk about my Journey of ups & downs! I have been up to 162lbs & as low as 85 lbs so I know the spectrum!
Itworks! Wow Wipe out wrinkles wipes- still trying it out but so far I like it for temporary fixes when you want to look your best!!!
Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Ultra Rich Cream- Beautiful & Moisturizing.
Sk-ii Genoptics Aura Essence Illuminating Essence- I love this for luminosity & glowy skin!
Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist- a Beautiful treat for your skin & so refreshing! I only use it in the morning but it makes me feel renewed & absolutely Divine!!!
Esthetic Arts Retinol Youth Elixir- just started this month & hope to see how it continues to change my skin’s elasticity & clears my complexion as I struggle with acne scars & my skin is not all one tone everywhere! Once I can do that, I will have my routine set! I am hoping the Genifique helps me as well! Will keep updated on here!
Orogold Cosmetics 24k dark circle eye solution- Has helped my eyes tremendously! I love it!! Has lasted me a long time as well you only need a tiny bit! I am looking forward to trying Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Eye Rescue! It should get to me by Friday & I am so excited! I tried a sample & loved it so I took a splurge & am trying the full thing & get a sample of her new brightening Serum she just launched! I am excited to see if I like that for my Headshots in March which I am so stoked about!! Prepare to be amazed!!! 😉
Mymagicmud activated charcoal whitening toothpaste in cinnamon clove. So beautiful & yummy and helps whiten your teeth! Need I say more!?! :)
Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub in Watermelon Gum! My favorite! I love the taste & feel and how it smooths my lips for lipstick application! I also love the Dior Addict Lip Scrub! Between those & my lip masks & balms, my lips have never looked more beautiful, plump & Healthy!!~In Luv!!!
Elemis Frangipani Monio Body Oil
Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-tasking Hair Beautifier Spray
Gkhair Serum
Gkhair Cashmere Cream
Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Tea Tree Scalp Treatment
Rahua Elixir-will be purchasing this lovely yet expensive oil near the end of March! I already went through a bottle & it is so perfect on the hair! Once you try it, you will understand! To me, it smells odd but only for a second but it transforms even the hardest hair type so magically! And you can use it with heat or just let your hair air-dry which I tend to do! It does help it dry faster! I am in love with it most but I actually love all my hair products & I use The GKhair Balancing Shampoo & Deep Conditioner! They are lovely products & not harsh on the hair! After doing the Yuko Hair Straightening, I have to watch what ingredients are in products because the hair is more fragile but the feel & what it did to my hair totally makes up for it! Google Yuko straightening or Japanese Thermal Reconditioning if interested! You will love the freedom of how easy maintenance is and not having frizzy hair! It was my godsend!

My favorite incense smell is Opium! I love cinnamon candles! I love Bliss Xs Pheromones with sweet Sensations Cover Scent! I love Chanel #5 Perfume & Lancome La Vie Est Belle! I love Tommy Hilfiger Cologne on men! And I hope you have the sweetest dreams!!