Philips Sonicare TongueCare+ Tongue Brush


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Product Description for Philips Sonicare TongueCare+ Tongue brush

This channel is aimed at the visually impaired who struggle to read lengthy product descriptions on shopping and manufacturer websites. By providing the product descriptions in audio form, the content can be consumed in a different way.

This is similar to a visually impaired person using Text to Speech software, however instead of listening to a robotic voice with no emotion, they can listen to a real human. I personally record each and every video for this channel.

My aim is to help as many visually impaired people around the world to be able to listen to audio product descriptions by covering as many products as possible from a range of categories and industries.

If you feel that a video is out of date or could be improved, leave a comment or Tweet me and I will record it again. If you want a particular product or brand featured, let me know.