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When you scour the internet for penis enlargement facts, advice and tips you’ll find thousands upon thousands of different pages, all saying different things. Most of the information available is not based on fact. When you’re selling a product which makes you upwards of 0 profit then some salesmen will claim whatever they think you’ll believe if they think they’ll make some money. The aim of this article is to give you a clearer understanding of what is honest and what is not…

Your penis isn’t, never was, and never will be a muscle. Many sites claim the opposite, saying you can exercise the muscle to make it bigger, harder and better. If it is true and you don’t believe me then curl it up right now, without using your hands, and make it hard, then soft, hard then soft in ten seconds. Can’t do it? The reason you can’t is because there is no muscle in your penis – not one!

If you read a product which claims to help enlarge your penis by causing micro-tears – thus making it bigger – please acknowledge that micro-tears (which do help your muscles to grow) can cause serious, long-term harm to your penis. This harm includes prolonged pain (and it hurts, I’ve felt it), impotence, loss of sensation, Peyronie’s disease and many more. If you use penis exercises, penis pumps or penis extenders then you are potentially putting yourself at great risk.

So think back. Think back to a time when your penis grew most rapidly. I hope you’re thinking back to puberty because that’s the answer we’re looking for. This growth happens because of the biochemicals which course through your body, creating the optimum environment for penis growth. Luckily for you, this is easily replicated.

When you use pumps, pills, extenders or exercises you simply aren’t recreating these biochemicals and this environment. So let me ask you a question; when you were going through puberty did you have a device attached to your penis to help it grow? Absolutely not! But the best part is that this natural environment that I talk about, which has since changed due to age, can be reproduced.

Micro-tears don’t cause tissue growth or regeneration. For that you simply need oxygen, growth hormone and nutrients. The Penis Bible is the best site out there at the moment which realises this. It worked for me. After 4 months on the program I saw my penis spurt to over 8 inches in length and in girth.

What’s more they actually honor refunds. When you use pills, pumps or extenders they don’t – because you’ve either used the product or swallowed it. Once a pump or an extender has been used then it’s simply unhygenic to take it back.

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