Pain Free Dentistry – Dental Vibe – Mini Dental Implants NYC


As many as 80% of Americans fear the dentist. We associate the dental visit with painful injections, uncomfortable procedures, and expensive dental work. At smile arts of NY, Dr. Peter Mann has been hard at work to change those perceptions

Dental injections are no longer painful. The Dental Vibe is a new tool that pulsates to distract patients from feeling that annoying dental injection. Most patients report feeling nothing at all during their dental injection

Those most afraid of the dentist often end up neglecting their oral health and their teeth may become infected or severely decayed. To replace teeth that were extracted they may end up needing dental implants. Mini-dental implants are thinner implants that offer many advantages over the traditional (wider) dental implants.

Mini Dental implants require almost no drilling. There are no sutures involved. Best of all the implants are stable from the beginning, so patients leave the same day with a new tooth. With traditional dental implants patient often have to wait four months till they can have the implant restored with the crown. Studies show mini-dental implants to have the same success rate as the traditional implants at about 95%.