Oram Plus Review || Does Oram Plus Really Work ??


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Oram Plus Review || Does Oram Plus Really Work ??

It has been proven by researchers that people with good oral hygiene often have the best smiles. And it is that perfect smile that delivers a degree of self confidence that just can’t be learned or taught. But this short article tells of an amazing secret “formula” called Oram Plus that not only helps people with their dental hygiene challenges, but which has proven extremely effective in producing brighter, whiter teeth and also in fighting bad breath.

Part-time chemist, curious inventor and former sufferer of bad breath and bad teeth, Daniel Sanderson has an amazing story to share with you today. His fight to try and restore lost self confidence, and to give him a brighter smile, lead to many months of research and experimentation. The objective of today’s announcement is to educate readers about what to look for when shopping for a great toothpaste. In today’s article, Daniel is also extremely please to share the results of his amazing research with the world.

What Daniel discovered is unbelievable!

– Foaming agents: Daniel’s research confirmed that most commercially available toothpaste contains a foaming agent known as ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulphate’ or SLS for short. And lab tests prove that SLS causes microscopic damage and inflammation to the tissue inside your mouth. New research from the University of Oslo (Norway) indicates that individuals suffering from gum irritation and sores had their symptoms clear up 40 times faster when using a NON SLS product!

– Fluoride: Another product universally used in commonly available toothpaste, Fluoride is an ‘acute toxin’ with a toxic rating higher than that of lead. According to the “Clinical Toxicology of Commercial products”, Fluoride is given a toxicity rating of 4 (3 being moderately toxic, 4 being very toxic) and is actually classed ‘scientifically’ as a toxic waste! This ingredient is so toxic that the US Public Health Service has also now made a statement that fluoride could actually make your bones (including your teeth) more brittle.

– Toothpaste and Bacteria: Bacteria are the primary agent responsible for gum diseases and bad breath. Yet research has confirmed that commercially available toothpaste simply isn’t up to the job of killing all the bacteria in your mouth. Even advertisement and sales literature from leading toothpaste manufacturers acknowledge they get rid of only “99.99%” of bacteria. The fact of the matter is that .01% bacteria left behind can rapidly multiply and get back to 100% levels within no time! The question you must ask yourself is: If you pay 100% of the cost for the product, then why should you settle for just 99.99% results?

– Mouthwash: And toothpaste manufacturers have a great answer to that question. After you kill 99.99% bacteria using their toothpaste, they recommend you buy their other product – Mouthwash – to kill the .01% bacteria that are left behind. So now the question you need to ask is: Why should you pay 100% of the price if all its doing is addressing .01% of the problem?

Unlike other commercially available products, what makes a truly good dental hygiene product has now been confirmed through Daniel’s research. And the ideal tool to fight plaque, bacteria, gum disease, bad breath and dull-looking teeth: Is ultra long lasting; Is water insoluble; Is fast acting; Is scientifically proven; Is made from 100% natural ingredients; Is merciless on bacteria and plaque and gentle on teeth and gums.

Ordinary people don’t have time to use two or three products to deal with their oral hygiene issues. So what’s the solution?

Well, through today’s announcement, Daniel Sanderson and his research team are pleased to share their many months of research, which finally offers real answers for individuals seeking a one-stop, non-toxic, all natural solution to their dental hygiene challenges. And individuals that have ordered and tried Oram Plus confidently vouch for the product.

Hopefully, the next time you are shopping for a toothpaste for yourself and your family, you too will look at the fine print to ensure the box does not contain text such as: WARNING: If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek PROFESSIONAL HELP or contact a POISON CONTROL centre immediately!

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