oral essentials whitening mouthwash


oral essentials whitening mouthwash

We are going to review a good gum bleeding and gingivitis cure, to looking into what many people ask when searching for a gum bleeding remedies, based on these we are going to consider 8 criterias
Why you need it
What it can do
Does it burn
How it taste
Teeth discolouring
how safe it is
where to get is
and who can use it
why you need, if you ave a bleeding gum, swollen or painful tooth, then you will probably like oral essential mouth wash.
About the product
Made from French essential oils with organic aloe vera, juice and salt from the Dead
it is classified safe for use in home and personal , for the following reasons.

1. Clinically Tested
2. Dentist Formulated and Recommended
3. Certified Non-Toxic
4. Enamel Friendly Ingredients
5. Alcohol Free
6. No Preservatives
7. Non-GMO Xylitol
8. Whole Ingredients instead of Extracts
9. BPA Free Bottle
10. Non-GMO Xylitol
How to use it
For a clean, fresh mouth, swish vigorously with 2 caps worth for 60 seconds, 2 to 3 times a day. And finally Store in a cool, dry place.
This product taste good but somewhat sweet, for people who detest sweet taste, this product is not for them
Does it burn
It has a tiny slight stinging sensation due to the flavor but better than Listerine if you have use it, before, this is less burning than Listerine.
Disclouring teeth
It doesn’t discolour teeth.
Who can use it
Individuals with gum bleeding, swollen and other gingivitis symptoms

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