Om Aroma – Savor Beauty: Organic Pearl Cleansing Cream


Step #1: PURIFY – Organic Pearl Cleansing Cream for Sensitive Skin (4oz.)

This 1st Step in our 1-Minute Ritual to Radiant Skin provides:

Pearl Micro-Particles delicately remove dead skin cells without being abrasive | Rose Flower Water purifies and balances skin | Wheat Germ provides rich source of Vitamin A, E, and D | 3-month supply if used as directed

Pearl Cleanser is an organic gentle daily cleansing cream and gentle exfoliating treatment specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Pearl micro-particles restore skin’s luminosity and clarity by sweeping away impurities. This non-drying cleanser stimulates circulation and revitalizes skin for youthful radiance. Leaves dull skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

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