Review on Clorox Bleach Pen Gel For Whites – 2 Oz


Clorox Bleach Pen Gel For Whites is Perfect for removing stains from the white areas of striped and patterned clothes.

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Clorox Bleach Pen Gel for Whites

Great on tile and grout
Dual tips
Fine point and broad scrubber
Cleans with the power of bleach, but comes in a handy, pen-like tool
Its dual-tipped applicator has a fine point for precise jobs and a scrub brush for larger ones
Both ends provide excellent on-the-spot stain removal in your laundry, kitchen and bathroom
The Bleach Pen Gel lets you target stains directly on tile, grout, caulking and porcelain
It is perfect for removing stains from the white areas of your striped, floral, and patterned clothes because you put the bleach exactly where you want it.

For use on: Most white fabrics even on the white portion of garments with colored trim or designs Grout/Caulking Areas around Sinks and Tubs You can also use it to personalize and stylize all kinds of fabrics, including shirts, pants, shoes, bags and sheets. Read our suggestions for Customizing with Clorox Bleach Pen Gel and then let your imagination loose. Best of all, the Clorox Bleach Pen is compact enough to take along in the car, to the office or on a date so you will be ready to combat stains anywhere, anytime.

How to Use:

Shake before use.
Unscrew cap on chosen tip (fine point or broad scrubber).
Do not have both caps off at the same time.
Squeeze and apply liberally.
Replace cap after use.
Rub with tip
Wipe or rinse clean.
Repeat if desired.

Laundry: Treat stain on white areas of garment. Rub into stain. Wash immediately with an all or mostly all white loads. Do not treat garment while wearing. not recommended for use on colored portion of garments, dry clean only fabrics and fine fabrics such as wool, silk, linen, mohavir, leather and spandex. If in doubt about colorfastness, apply small amount of product onto hidden seam. Rinse and let dry. If no color change, use as directed.

Household Surfaces: Apply to stain. Rub, rinse or wipe clean. Do not use on silver. Avoid prolonged contact on plastic laminate counter tops and metal surfaces and rinse promptly after use. Some stains such as rust, permanent inks and dyes may be impossible to remove. Do not freeze.

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