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Bad Breath: Vitamin Health USA: Study: Study Shows Type of Mouthwash Can Make a Difference in Beating Halitosis
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Today I am Going To Show You , Mouthwashes Really Do Fight Bad Breath

A new review of studies delves into how to beat bad breath (halitosis) — and gives high marks to mouthwashes.

Researchers led by Zbys Fedorowicz from the Bahrain Ministry of Health reviewed results from five studies with participants who were randomly given mouthwashes or placebo; 293 people in Thailand, the U.S, the Netherlands, Spain, and Israel took part.

According to background information provided by the researchers, halitosis is widespread around the world: Up to half of people in the U.S. say they have bad breath, 50-60% of people in France complain of it, and 24% of Japanese say it’s a problem.

The participants in the data review were adults over 18 years old who did not have any serious chronic gum or mouth diseases or other conditions such as diabetes, which can bring on bad breath.

The studies were two, four, or six weeks long.

What researchers found when they compared data is that the type of mouthwash can make a difference in either masking or eliminating bad breath.

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