Mouthwash vs Oil Pulling…


At St Louis Fitness Bootcamp, I’m most interested in your overall health. I know that most people looking for fitness classes are most interested in shedding weight and seeing the number on the scale decrease. But that’s such a minor piece of the puzzle!

Look you can literally lose weight hundreds of ways. But almost everybody who believes that increasing calorie burn and decreasing calorie intake is the path to weight loss… gets extremely disappointed. Trust me, I’ve talked to hordes of yo-yo dieters who can lose weight but never sustain that loss.

You’re focusing on the wrong factors.

I’m interested in getting you healthy. The weight part will come, but you have to start making lifestyle changes that contribute to your overall well being and stop being a slave to the scale which frankly tells you very little about your actual health.

I know… “health” is not as sexy as “weight loss”… but I’d rather help those who are sick of gimmicks than try to pander to the masses who want the quick fix.

Oil pulling is one of my many ninja health strategies that I use to keep myself healthy, detoxified and vital all year, every year! Use this tip, and check us out if you’re looking for a program that can actually change your health paradigm.