Meet Bob: His teeth suffered following his Gingivectomy.


Bob feels like a new person. He always had weak teeth in his earlier years. In his 20s he needed partials because he had to have a Gingivectomy. In his late 40s he had to wear these dentures and change them every 3 years. He was getting sick of them and was keen on getting new dental implants. He chose Eon Clinics as the place to get this done.

He was delighted with his decision. It felt like a rebirth in Bob’s mind. He felt like he had a 25 year old’s set of teeth. He noted how painless and quick the procedure was. Its simplicity amazed him. He was impressed with the professionalism of the staff at Eon Clinics. He has a whole new perspective on life and loves how he can now eat what he wants and smile when he wants.

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