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This is Mario badescu drying lotion review FAQ About Mario badescu drying lotion
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Q 01: Does this product bleach or stain your bed sheets?

A: It dries on your face and if it rubs off during the night it’s more like a powder and flakes off. I have not noticed that it stained any bedsheets. Hope this helps.

Q 02: How would you suggest applying this? I’m struggling a bit!

A: First, DON’T SHAKE BOTTLE TO MIX SOLUTIONS! They should remain separate: pink on bottom, clear on top. Then I take a q-tip and dip in to bottle down to the pink and pull straight out. Then just dot onto blemish with q-tip. No need to rub in, unless you are going to apply make-up or something. I usually apply right before bed. Hope this helps! :-)