Making Mouthwash Slime (Make it Monday)Listerine Slime DIY


Making Mouthwash Slime (Make it Monday)Listerine Slime DIY

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Hey Ohana Welcome back to my channel and today we are making an easy Mouthwash slime DIY. This Mouthwash slime is one of my favorite slimes to make. I really enjoyed making this slime with Listerine. Listerine and Mouthwash is pretty much the same thing and I really enjoy putting this in slime and making this liquid base with slime. It took me two times to get this slime together and when I got this slime right. It was the most jiggly slime that I have ever made in a long time. It was so stretchy, it felt like putty in my hand. The best jiggle slime you could ever play with. I never thought we could make slime with mouth was, but when I did oh boy yes this slime is the bomb! I think to combine mouthwash in a glue is really fun it is like a big blue jiggly, putty that you can enjoy and play with.

This is such a jiggly slime that I really enjoy the smell of it as well. The mouthwash slime is so minty! I have a variety of different DIY’s on the channel, but many of you enjoy my slime DIY’s the best. I have no clue why, but they are really cool and I think it’s time for me to get my crown because I must say I feel like this slime wiggles so much. I am so happy you guys watch my videos and thank you so much for the support for this channel and all the content I create. I do variety shows, so I never get bored doing just one thing! I really hope you guys let me have my crown and make me the official slime queen! I really hope you enjoy this Mouthwash Slime and if you want to make this easy slime. Go ahead and get you some listerine.

When making this slime you need to work in all the ingredients to make sure it is less sticky. Many of you ask for slime without glue and I give you so many recipes yet you still ask me for slime recipes without glue. I prefer the edible versions because they can be fun to play with and eat as well. Well I hope you enjoy this slime recipe without glue, metamucil or any other fiber bulking powders. I am not a fan of using that stuff when making slime. I hope you enjoy this recipe it is one of the best slimes ever. If you would like anymoreedbileslimes please le tme know. I would love to take your request. I will be doing a dating skit soon I hope you guys enjoy. I am super excited to get started on this skit. I think it’s going to be pretty cool!! However it will be up next month, but in the meantime enjoy this edible slime.
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