Luster Pro Light Dental Whitening System | An Honest Review


I forgot to tell you guys about the teeth sensitivity factor. My teeth are prone to hurting when I whitened them in the past with stripes and sometimes with trays if I did it several days in a row. My teeth did not hurt at all when I used this. There was zero tooth sensitivity.

Luster Pro Light Dental Whitening System was sent to me for free. I was able to form my own opinions on it. They did not tell me what to say at all or pay me for this video. It’s just an honest review. I did not know the cost of the product when I used it as I did not read their enclosed press kit fully. I just googled the company now to learn about the price and what I could find out of about the pretreat AcceleRinse stuff. I found out the system I was given retails for .99.

This is what I found out about the rinse stuff taken directly from their website just now.

“Slightly basic rinse formula helps drive the breakdown of peroxide during the whitening process, enhancing the speed of whitening

Contains a phase transfer catalyst and surfactant which helps the peroxide molecules attached and remove tough stains

Also includes a disinfectant that kills bacteria that produces peroxidase, a naturally occurring enzyme that destroys peroxide.”

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FTC: As mention I was given this whitening kit for free. There is no sponsor of this video. No company paid me to tell you guys things. All opinions are my own.