Listerine MouthWash-How Listerine Kills The Bacteria In Your Mouth


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Lets take a look at what is happening in your mouth now. There are millions of bacteria in your mouth feeding on the food you eat. These bacteria cluster together and stick to the inside of the surfaces of your teeth, forming biofilms. Biofilms are sticky feeling you experience in your mouth when you wake up in the morning. This leads to bad breath which later causes gum diseases. Using Listerine kills these bacteria in the mouth. The Listerine which contains essential oils get to the bottom of the layers of the biofilms.Here are other uses of Listerine;
-It kills 99% of germs in the mouth that are left after brushing and flossing.These germs are responsible for causing bad breath,plaque and gum diseases.In one research,it was found to have reduced 52% more plaque.
-Listerine reduces gingivitis by 21%
-It has the ability to give a lasting fresh breath
-Listerine protects the gum from being diseased
-It makes the teeth whiter by preventing the accumulation of tartar formed on the teeth
-The enamel and teeth are also strengthened as a result of frequent use of listerine.
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