Learning Kids Dental treatment – My Dentist Game – brushing teeth,dental health


Download Game : https://goo.gl/I6TaiO
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Transform yourself into a dental expert: orthodontist, oral hygienist or dentist. Practice your skills in the new doctor’s office and give your patients a brand new smile!

• Orthodontist:
Misaligned bite and crooked teeth can be fixed! Take an x-ray picture to find irregularities, then apply glue and brackets, connect the wires and attach colorful rubber bands to get a perfect brace.

• Oral hygienist:
Improve patient’s oral health with a dental floss, toothbrush, tongue scraper and mouthwash. Don’t forget to make the toothpaste using only healthy ingredients, like carrots, mint, aloe vera and many others.

• Dentist:
Eating sweets damages the teeth! Heal toothaches and use a dental drill, tongs, tooth whitener and other medical tools. Pull rotten teeth out, fill the cavities, whiten the teeth and remove the tartar. Patients will be grateful for your help!

• Mini-games:
Have fun playing 3 popular mini-games: bowl with apples, make fruity bubbles in the company of bees and find all the forbidden sweets in the candy shop.

The healthier your teeth, the happier you look!

• educational doctor game
• over 20 dental instruments to use
• earn stars and enjoy fun mini-games
• beautiful HD graphics and sounds