Learn about your Real Skin Type to take care of the Skin the BEST Way


Identify Your Real Skin Type is a very important thing in regards to proper skin care and skin care products (as well as make-up products).
In order to achieve optimal skin health, understanding the various skin types and conditions as well as factors that potentially cause damage is essential.
The skin care ingredients and formulas are different and designed for different skin types. Dry skin might really benefit from a cream, but an oily skin will definitely prefer to use a gel formula instead.

The tricky thing with skin type is that most of us have several skin types = and it is not only combination skin; this also includes acne prone, eczema, sensitive, sun damaged, aging skin types.

Check out this video for an easy way to identify your skin type(s) and get tips on what products to use for your skin along with some other useful info.

Try to omit using the following ingredients in your SC products:
Thick Emollients
Pore-Clogging Waxes
Fragrance (even those derived from essential oils)
Abrasive Scrubbing Agents
Harsh/Drying Cleansing Agents
Irritants (organic & synthetic)

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