Laser Tattoo Removal with Fotona Laser by Dr Barry Lycka

allure Laser Tattoo Removal by Fotona laser gives amazing results on previously hard to treat tattoo colors. Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka explains.

I’m talking to you today about a new laser system called the Fotona.

Hi, I’m Dr Barry Lycka, host of Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today on and I am talking to you today from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, from my beautiful downtown office.

The Fotona is primarily used to treat tattoos.
It’s a superb laser, in the nano second technology range which literally puts a high dose of energy into a tattoo and breaks it down.

The beauty of the Fotona laser is that we have had some amazing results in breaking down dark pigments, red pigments, even greens, and blues, and yellow pigments.
So we can do a lot with removing tattoos that we couldn’t remove previously. The results are next to stupendous!

The problems with tattoo removal, even with this laser, are still that it does take time and it takes effort. But we can anesthetize the area before treating it so that the pain is far less.

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