Laser Liposuction | SmartLipo | Dr. Joseph Jensen, DO | Utah Surgeon


Laser Liposuction | SmartLipo | Dr. Joseph Jensen, DO | Utah Surgeon

Welcome back to Studio 5. If you have problem areas that don’t seem to respond to diet and exercise, you may be considering a simple laser procedure to get your body ready for warmer days ahead. Summer Faulkner is a nurse at Davis Surgical and has seen some impressive results on patients treated by Dr. Joseph Jensen. It’s good to have you here, Summer.

Thanks for having me.

So what areas can you treat? What can be done to treat those trouble areas?

The areas that can be treated are all the areas that you can treat with normal liposuction: your chin, your flabby arms[, …] your tummy, your flanks[, …] and your thighs, and your lower bum.

So, it’s an advanced game of “Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” pretty much.

You got it!

And you say–you compared this procedure to traditional lipo. So, what’s the difference?

So, SmartLipo is very similar to traditional lipo. […] I think a few differences that make it superior to traditional lipo. The first difference is…so, the canula–it’s a laser canula that’s inserted through little, teeny incisions in the skin–[…] as it goes in it it heats up, so it kind of melts the fat[, …] so you get better fat recovery—you can get more fat out with SmartLipo; that’s the first difference from traditional lipo.

The second difference is, again, that canula that goes under the skin it heats up, so as it goes under there, it heats up and cauterizes the blood vessels that are under the skin, so you get less bleeding than you do with traditional lipo. And less bleeding is good, because you get less bruising, less swelling, and also speeds up the recovery time. So you get your results quicker. You see what you want to see faster.

What type of results are you seeing from the SmartLipo?

Well, let me tell you, the third reason it’s different from traditional lipo, again, the canula heats up, so it heats up that under-layer of skin and it tightens. So, that skin tightens up. […]

The results: Smoother. Tighter. Who doesn’t want that? Smoother. Tighter. Everything–they’re taking out that extra fat and they’re shrinking down that skin so it’s all tightened up and smooth.

What’s the downtime for something like this?

The downtime for smart lipo? This is great–it’s 1-2 days. […]

And the cost for a procedure like this?

The cost? Right now, this is great, we’re running a special: the first area is ,500.

I think, also, number four reason that SmartLipo is better than traditional lipo–Dr. Jensen’s going to do it! He’s the best doctor! He’s really, really good at what he does, and he cares about his patients. He wants them to be happy with the results, so he is really good at taking the time to talk with you, find out what you want, what you’re shooting for, what your goal is, and work together with you to get that final result that you’re really happy with.

That’s definitely important. Where can people go to set up a consultation to see if this is a good fit for them?

Go to our website. There’s so much great info and there’s great before and after pictures. You’ll get excited. You’ll see those pictures and be like, “Oh, yeah! I’m getting rid of that jiggly belly! I’m getting rid of this muffin top!”

We’ll say goodbye and not look back. Summer! Thank you so much. We’ll be right back.


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Laser Liposuction | SmartLipo | Dr. Joseph Jensen, DO | Utah Surgeon