Kojie San Soap Review – Paano ako pumuti?


Updated Kojie San Review HERE: http://bit.ly/UoMYhv (in English)


Yes, Kojie San is effective based on my experience. I have been using it for 5 years now and I must say that this is the only product in the market that worked for me. I have tried EVERYTHING, from whitening capsules/pills, skin bleaching (multiple sessions), creams, lotions etc. but this one is BY FAR the BEST and the ONLY soap that made my skin lighter. During summer, we usually go out swimming and my skin gets a bit darker but after 2 weeks of using Kojie San it gets lighter so I would say that it usually takes 2 weeks for me to see the results. I also noticed that if I went out and did not use any sunscreen protection my skin gets DARKER EASILY, so it’s of utmost importance that anyone using this soap should use a sunblock/sunscreen. Other than that, this soap has been a staple product for me ever since. I also use this on my face and I haven’t experienced any breakouts while using it.

HOW I USE IT: Like a regular soap but I leave it on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing.
TIP: Cut the soap into 3 parts because it melts easily when wet.

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I was not wearing foundation/concealer in this video. Baby powder lang.

Oh, I forgot to mention, please mag-PAYONG po tayo and SUNBLOCK when going out!
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