Is salt good or bad for your teeth? – Dr. Pujari M R


We all know that wound healing happens nicely when we do warm water with salt rinsing. Warm water with salt , which is considered as a natural mouthwash is very good for healing of the lesions, especially when we perform tooth extraction in general dentistry or history of ulcers. So this acts as natural mouthwash. How it helps you is it increases your healing process. It contains salt which becomes isotonic solutions. Isotonic solutions is nothing but a solution that has got electrolytes equivalent or similar to that of minerals you have in your boy so that helps in further faster healing. so we recommend warm water with salt rinsing 3 to 4 times a day following tooth extraction or any wound healing after tooth extraction or any wound healing after the minor surgery. The way of using this is one cup of warm water, which is 250 ml of warm water and you add half a teaspoon of salt in that, that makes a natural mouthwash.