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All about my first few weeks with Invisalign, an honest review. I’ve filmed a few since, so subscribe for more videos: CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR ALL THE DETAILS YOU NEED:

Firstly, this video isn’t sponsored, I wish it was! It’s my honest Invisalign experience from my first few weeks of Invisalign. I’m actually about halfway through now and I could not be happier with how my teeth look. :o)

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The first few weeks were a bit of a rollercoaster and so I share my experience of:

Deciding to get Invisalign
The cost of Invisalign (bear in mind everyone is different, but I am receiving Invisalign Full Treatment which is a set price at my dental practice)
The dental issues Invisalign is fixing: Crossbite, Overcrowding, and Bite Misalignment.
The pain and how to reduce it
Attachments (I have quite a few!)
Eating and drinking with Invisalign
My Invisalign oral hygiene routine: How I keep my Invisalign and teeth clean
Teeth whitening with my Invisalign
Some tips, like how to stop Invisalign hurting and how to stop having that lisp!

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Invisalign Progress Story. His Results are amazing:

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