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Today I will be sharing with you guys Innisfree green tea sleeping pack Honest Review
Innisfree is a Korean beauty brand and uses special natural products from an island called Jeju. Well I have been using the Innisfree Green tea pure sleeping pack for about a month and here’s what I think:

Claims: A sleeping pack with organic green tea water to fill dry skin with suppleness and clarity while you sleep. With its organic Jeju green tea moisture and vitamin particles, this sleeping pack creates a dewy and translucent complexion as it quenches your thirsty skin during your sleep.

Price: 1150 INR for 80 ml

Packaging: The Innisfree Green tea pure sleeping pack is packaged in a green tub, I am not a fan of tubs as you hands can pass on bacteria to the products. But you do not need to dip your hands deep, you really require just a small coin sized amount for your face.

How to use: 1. During your night skincare routine, apply an appropriate amount and evenly spread over entire face, avoiding the eye and lip area, to allow the formula to absorb into your skin.

2. Go to bed and rinse with water the next morning.

My Experience : The Innisfree Green tea pure sleeping pack works like a dream on dry to normal skin:

• A sleeping pack helps rejuvenate skin as you sleep, it is an overnight hydration and moisturizing treatment.

• A little bit is of the pack is enough, the tub will last me months.

• You need to massage it on skin and sleep.

• The next morning you will wake up with super soft skin.

• It is perfect to counter dryness.

• Is gel based with mini capsules (probably Vitamin-E capsules) that break as you massage the gel.

• It is translucent in color and doesn’t soil my pillows, I was scared so I checked.

• Easy to carry for overnight trips.

• The fragrance is a refreshing and gentle smell.

• It hydrates the skin and makes it smoother. It did not break me out and decreased redness on my face.

• A sleeping pack is an interesting way to moisturize the skin.

• Though Innisfree Green tea pure sleeping is kind of thick but it spreads and gets absorbed easily in the skin.

1.Awesome quality
3.good smell
4.natural ingredients


Rating: 4.5/5, If it suits you your skin will thank you for using this Green tea pure sleeping pack by Innisfree.

Will I Recommend/Repurchase Innisfree green tea sleeping pack??

Yes.Have you tried it yet? If not, will you be buying it?Let me know in the comments below!

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